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Red Roof Beta #wishitwasaseasyasitlooks

Senior Irish Bouldering League

Saturday 22nd October

Boulder Battle Round 2

10th September 2016

A huge thank you to everyone who came yesterday.
Kids, parents, friends, judges, supporters.
You made it happen! You made it brilliant!

As a competition it was a massive success.
We had first time kids getting high up on the climbs, we had ‘veteran’ kids fighting to stay on.
By the end we hope we had 70 happy kids and by default a few exhausted parents both mentally and physically!

Last but not least we have to say a massive thanks to our staff!
They looked after everyone all day keeping you hydrated and fuelled with coffee, our coaches took the beginner kids through the whole process from getting shoes to making finals!
Our setters stayed through the night to create problems that in the end made a perfect split of scores and gave everyone a good day.

The competitors, the volunteers, the spectators and the team working behind the scenes and throughout the day to make the competition what it was …well we couldn’t have asked for more!


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