First Time visit – Competent/ Experienced Climber or Supervising Adult (Sure of how to use the centre)

If you are coming to use the centre for the first time and you fall into any of the categories below then feel free to fill out a online waiver and come down and get climbing.

  1. You are an experienced adult climber having used climbing/ bouldering walls previously and are happy to use the centre without instruction and take care of yourself for the duration of your session.
  2. You are an experienced supervising adult that is happy to supervised up to two guests for the duration of their session
  3. You are between the age 12-17 years and have previously used climbing / bouldering walls and are competent to do so without supervision. (Pending parent/guardian consent and agreement of Boulderworld Management)
  4. You are under 12 but are coming with a registered ‘ Adult unsupervised climber’

Waiver Link …