How It Works

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What is Bouldering?

Bouldering is a form of climbing that is performed on small rock formations or artificial climbing walls, above a padded mat and without the use of ropes or harness. At Boulderworld our boulder problems are colour coded and divided into circuits of varying difficulty. These cover a wide range from very easy, for beginners, to hard enough to challenge the best of climbers.

Getting Started

Everyone visiting our centre for the first time has to complete our Online Registration and watch our Induction Video before starting. You will also need a pair of climbing shoes which you can hire or purchase once you arrive. Competent Climbers, not in need of instruction, can then come in and start climbing themselves. No need to book ahead! Inexperienced Climbers have two options to climb in our centre. Either book into a Taster session or come with an experienced climber who is happy to supervise you. Taster Session This is a short instructed session where you will be shown the basics of how to use our centre safely and confidently. The session will last half an hour, after which you can spend as long as you like climbing uninstructed. Taster Sessions cost £15 and include entry to the centre, shoe hire and half an hours coaching. Supervised by an Experienced Climber This can be a friend or family member who is already registered with us as an unsupervised climber. They can supervise up to two people at once and must be happy to explain our centre’s rules and guidelines to you.

Climbers Under 18

Inexperienced climbers aged 4-17 must be supervised by a competent adult who knows how to use the centre properly. All supervising adults must be registered with us as an unsupervised climber, whether they will be climbing or not.  If you wish to supervise your children but are not sure of how to use the centre you can book a taster session with them where you will be shown how to use the centre and competently supervise your children while they climb. Any climber over 12 who has climbed before and wishes to use our centre unsupervised can fill in our Junior Assessment at the centre. This is a short form to prove competency and must be signed by a Parent/Guardian as well as a member of staff. Climbers under 8 can use the kid’s area, a smaller section of our centre dedicated to young children who are not yet ready for the main area. It has shorter walls designed with children in mind, a slide and a list of challenges to keep busy. No registration needed.