Adult Training Sessions Thursdays February 2020 onwards

Brand New Adult Training Sessions Starting Feb 2020 Want to up your climbing game fitness wise but not sure how to? Want some structure to your session ? Want to leave feeling well worked,ready and deserving of a cup of tea and a sit down? … This is the session for you! A perfect motivator for the midweek slump. Get in and get on it with a group of likeminded people. sign up here ->

Winter League Round 2 Kicks off !
Lucy makes it through to the MoonBoard Masters *WorldWide* Final !!
Brand new Green and Yellow Reset πŸ™‚
Brilliant Youth Team training trip to Ratho EICA over Halloween
Youth Team Trip to Depot Cup 2019
2nd place for Faith Blaney
Youth Team Training trip to Innsbruck

Summer 2019 Indoor Taster sessions Available – Adult Option

Summer 2019 Indoor Taster sessions Available – Youth / Family Option

Summer 2019 Outdoor Taster / Roped Sessions – Adult and Youth Option

Summer League Round 1


Easter Youth Trip to France 

CAC (Climbers Against Cancer) Mountain March Appeal 

Saturday 30th March 2019

Easter Competition 2019

Easter OUTDOOR days πŸ˜€

Easter Taster sessions

Easter Opening times

Adult Coaching … 

New Pricing Structure April 2019 Onwards

New Greens and Blacks this week πŸ™‚ … Behind the scenes of Route Setting 

Setting Video

Adult Coaching πŸ™‚ 

Beta request for Black in Round 4′

Winter League Results (Round 3)

WINTER LEAGUE 2018 – Sheet1-4

This weeks reset = Yellows and Blues πŸ™‚

#feedbackmatters … following some customer feedback we are starting to set in coloured circuits instead of ‘area reset’ (let us know what you think) 

This week Greens and Blacks πŸ™‚

1st Youth Team Training of 2019 #younggungs #teamworkmakesthedreamwork

Winter League Round 4 is up and running … 16.01.19 – 15.02.19

Boulderworld Christmas Competition πŸ™‚

Irish Lead Climbing Championships 2018

Nina Topping Out Qualification 1

Daire on his way to 1st Place

Eoin Qualification 2

Winter League Round 2 (November 2018)

Round 2 Problems + New Holds πŸ™‚

Halloween Competition πŸ™‚

Halloween Competition Results 2018

BoulderWorld Annual Winter League

Winter League Round 1 Results (October 2018)

BoulderWorld Youth Team Vs Depot Youth Cup πŸ™‚

Out of 200 Competitors we managed 6 top 20, 6 top 10 one devastating 7th place (Top 6 make finals)
and 3 finalists… (Marcus McDowell, Bonita Thurston, Daire Oglesby Youth A Male, Youth C Female and Youth D Male respectively)

The Team at The Depot Birmingham πŸ™‚

Marcus McDowell – Final Problem 1 

Bonita Thurston – Final Problem 2

Daire Oglesby – Final Problem 3

BoulderWorld Youth Boulder Battle 2018

Last Saturday we hosted one of our biggest events of the year … THE YOUTH BOULDER BATTLE 😁
Each year the standard gets a bit higher, the compeition gets a bit harder, I seem to get a bit more nervous but the kids … Well, they just seem to get more inspiring, more determined, more confident and there seems to be more and more of them !
Scores and a few of the best photos are here and a full album will be on our websiteπŸ˜‰

I’d just like to say a HUGE THANK YOU to absolutely everyone who took part on Saturday… from the 8 year olds to the 18 year olds who trained hard, tried hard, climbed hard and cheered hard. To the parents and coaches who judged, chaperoned, encouraged, consoled, fed, watered and drove for miles just to be here.
The kids were just superb … They should all be super proud of themselves.
But please do also know that we are always overwhelmed by the amount of support we are given by you as parents. The event just couldn’t happen without you. And we know it! And more than anything we appreciate it …

See you all next year πŸ‘

BYBB 18 Results

** BoulderWorld Summer League 2018 Over All Results (3 highest scoring rounds counted) **
Thats it all over for another year folks
BUT … What a time we have had … it started right back in May with some ‘Classics’ on the lightning bolt wall
Moved on to June were the viciously steep Competition wall saw many a sore bicep leave the building
July was the turn of the ‘Back Wall’ to take centre stage with the ever famous red blobs shredding skin in the ‘heatwave of 2018’
We moved onto the ‘Roof’ section for August and despite some hesitation and a couple of ‘I hate roofs’ saw some of the highest scores to date …
Then came September and the one day final and the chance for double points!!
Due to some poor timing and miss-organisation  the competition wall was not available so we opted for the next best thing and gave the honour to … ‘The Lightning Bolt Wall’ … and we can only say …it did not disappoint
68822 points well earned throughout, 150 problems set, 148 problems completed, 121 days of climbing, 155 sets of tired arms … Sure how else would you want to spend your Summer ?!
A huge congratulations to those who came out on top
Thanks to everyone who took part!
We hope you enjoyed it!
*Photos of the final round … coming ASAP*

Click below to download the final results !

Summer League 2018 All Scores Combined




Pre registration is essential .. follow the link here 

Outdoor days !!

Adults and Youth

Round 2 Summer Boulder League Results Are In !!

Round 2 Results are in πŸ™‚

Round 2 Summer League Problems up on the Competition Wall … 30 new problems … 30 days to have a go at them πŸ™‚

New Training Board / Beastmaker Board Problems

Two problem log books for both 35 and 45 degree boards

6b – 8a problems

Summer League R1 Results 2018

Easter Competition 

Easter Opening Hours

Easter kids sessions

Adult Courses 2018

NEW STOCK! And the photos just don’t do them justice. Delicious.

For anyone who thinks the Lattice Board is AWESOME but isn’t sure how to use, feel free to ask a member of staff when you’re in, or take a look at the training sheets to the left of the wall to get you started. More info on how to use this amazing training feature will be coming out shortly, but in the meantime, here’s something to get you pumped!

Despite the weather, you’ll be pleased to know that we are open!


So not only do we have 25 new problems on the comp wall from last week’s uni competition, we also have 20 others! Just to add in as much juicy climbing we possibly can

The comp wall is stripped and ready for setting! But spare a thought for the holds who make it all possible…

LAST CHANCE to try your comp wall projects! The whole wall is getting stripped and reset next week so you better get down this weekend, or forever hold your peace…

Your eyes do not deceive you… A new training board and a LATTICE BOARD are up! Time to train…

Half Term Holidays

Screen Shot 2018-02-08 at 12.05.33

** BoulderWorld Winter League 2017/2018 Over All Results (3 highest scoring rounds counted) **

Thats it all over for another year πŸ˜”
BUT … What a time we have had … it started right back in September with some scary slab problems 😱
Moved onto October and seemingly some of the hardest greens and yellows that have ever been set πŸ€”
November saw the ever famous ‘lightning bolt’ wall providing some serious entertainment and some seriously tricky reds 😜
December came and we moved onto the ‘stepped roof’ section and the ultimate ‘mono’ slab at number 28 😫
Then came January and the one day final and the chance for double points!!
It seemed only right to give the ‘Competition Wall’ the privilege of hosting this event … and we can only say …it did not disappoint πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜
5025 points well earned throughout, 145 problems set, 145 problems completed, 121 days of climbing, 135 sets of tired arms … Sure how else would you want to spend your Winter ?!

A huge congratulations to those who came out on topπŸ†
Thanks to everyone who took part!
We hope you enjoyed it!

BoulderWorld Youth Climbing - Getting Started

BoulderWorld Youth Open Day 2018

Youth Climbing At Boulderworld January 2018- April 2018BoulderWorld Youth Climbing 2018

Christmas Competition 2017 13th December – 20th December


IBL 2017 Round 2 23632475_710676632451532_5021666719598055773_o

All information here

BoulderWorld “Legends Only” Competition23561345_707696626082866_7481642776431855517_n

Check out these great video about the event Qualifiers / Winning Performance

**No Kids Classes Over Halloween**

All regular Kids clubs and Academy classes our on Halloween break Saturday 28th-Friday 3rd … all classes start back Saturday 4th November. Hope you all have a spectacularly spooky break cute_funny_cartoon_halloween_bat_classic_round_sticker-rc39f1fe59c9e4e0c98577c41eac2a47b_v9waf_8byvr_324 DNFtQQ3WkAABkme.jpg-large

BoulderWorld Legends is back !!
Qualification practice is taking place right now 23/10/17-12/11-17 … Want to see where you stand with the best of the best ? Come down and give them a go…IMG_1048 2 IMG_1047 2 IMG_1045 2

30 new problems for you this week
Everything from 4+ through to 7cish
Including the climbs from the YCL held on Sunday, the Boulderworld Legends Qualifiers (taking place now) and just another 10 for you to enjoy 22769725_699568176895711_8504757329593181946_o

New Shop Stock … Time to treat yourself πŸ™‚DM5XDUTXkAAaxW0.jpg-large

Winter League Round 2 has started πŸ™‚

30 new climbs to try to complete in the next 30 days … 10/10/17 – 09/10/1722365387_694256117426917_1636893080300209742_n

Keep your little monkeys busy this winter πŸ™‚Kids climbing October 2017
Fancy a change from the gym ? Want to start a new hobby ? Indoor climbing may be the thing for you! … check put one of our adult courses or taster sessions for more info and to get startedAdult courses october 2017

Screen Shot 2017-09-27 at 13.54.04Due to popular demand our “Free Coaching” evening has changed to Thursdays… Come down this week and give it a go !! 

Screen Shot 2017-09-25 at 16.32.32

Interested in checking out our Youth Climbing Scene ? This is the time to do it πŸ™‚Youth Open Day

Our Biggest Youth Competition is Back 

Pre Registration is Essential … check out the link for more information and to sign up HEREScreen Shot 2017-07-24 at 15.16.08Screen Shot 2017-08-15 at 13.17.17

New Youth Climbing Set up Starting September 2017

Call us on 02890662007 for more informationScreen Shot 2017-08-18 at 17.19.16

Screen Shot 2017-07-31 at 15.04.14Summer Series Round 2 is happenning NOW πŸ™‚