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Starting up ?

Want to come and try climbing ? What could be a better start than signing up for a beginner course to get the best introduction you could hope for!

Already Hooked?

Struggling to get that next move, need that little bit more encouragement or simply like the idea of finding new people to climb with then come down to our earlier intermediate sessions.

Busy Schedual?

If you prefer a more personal focus or run a very tight schedule then a private session may be just the thing for you.

The Coaches 

You will be getting instruction and advice from some of the best climbers and coaches in Ireland.
Together Eddie, Lucy, Bart, Andrew, Martin and Rory climb, compete and coach at international level and we at BoulderWorld are exceptionally lucky to have them as our coaches.


Eddie during a coaching session


Eddie currently competes in both British and Irish competitions and has a fair few wins to his name. This coupled with his vast knowledge and experience of climbing from the highest, coldest alpine climbs to the scariest most technically difficult traditional routes. You’d be hard pushed to find a technique he’s not mastered or a training tip he’s not tried.




Bllcc final

Lucy on her final route in the 2014 British Lead Championships


Lucy also currently competes in British and Irish competitions but Europe is hopefully just around the corner! She is fairly short but also the queen of stamina and already climbs harder than…….well pretty much everyone in Ireland. She simply doesn’t know how to give up and wont let you either!!!







Bart in action in Fontainbleau


Bart is simply stronger than he thinks even though he will tell you otherwise. He can do more push ups and one legged squats than you can count and likes to keep you moving the entire 90 minute session.

Don’t get offended if he demonstrates the climb you’ve been struggling with in his flip flops … he doesn’t mean it … honest 🙂



Andrew in Fontainbleau


Andrew has competed throughout Ireland, Britain and Europe in both Bouldering and Lead Climbing and was one of the first in Ireland to do so!

Unfortunately he is currently doing long hours in University but in his spare time he definitely is the person to ask for tips and tricks on how to get the strongest fingers in history !







Rory in the final of BoulderWorld Christmas Competition


Rory did work experience with us and we just didn’t let him leave !